The platform captures, analyses and hosts video testimonials


The platform captures incredibly high-quality and engaging video testimonials


Our proprietary Compelling Consensus technology then identifies the most persusaive


Each month you will receive fresh, great videos, ranked by their power to persuade. Hosted by us and accessed through the API

Showcase your business with the most compelling, eloquent and happy customers


How the platform incorporates
Compelling Consensus for video testimonials


Use your bespoke REEL.REVIEWS link to invite your customers.


Customers are treated to a warm and human interface on the Qualie platform to record their testimonial. 


In the same efficient interaction, the customer is asked to score a brief selection of previous testimonials as determined by our algorithms. The rating focuses on “persuasiveness” and the entire process takes under five minutes. 


Finally, a ranked reel of the most persuasive videos is produced. This can all be seen live on your dashboard


Using the API you can integrate the top scoring videos directly on your site and these will update automatically each month


Qualie’s Compelling Consensus algorithms determine when each video has been reviewed sufficiently to be statistically significant. This process adapts in real-time based on the number and distribution of scores

A constantly refreshed and optimised
set of video testimonials for your site