BrandStory and BrandBites

Meet REEL.REVIEWS two key products

The best stories have an arc - from pain point, to how your brand solved this and finally how your customers feel as a result.

From our deep experience in consumer psychology, REEL.REVIEWS knows just the question to ask to create persuasive video content that supports your brands proof points. 

Customers have up to 90seconds to record their BrandSTORY

Perfect for using in our Widget, for your brands YouTube channel and for driving clickthroughs via Facebook Advertising


Capture the heart of what your customers love about you.  A short simple sentence.

Customers have up to 15seconds to record their statement of brand love - their BrandBITE

Small powerful passion bites but when looped in a reel become a snappy piece of content for social channels. 

Perfect for driving engagement, reach and clickthroughs in social channels.


Both BrandSTORY and BrandBITES are included in every REEL.REVIEWS plan  |   Born in Australia but we call the World our home |   2021  |  Terms

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