Integrating REEL.REVIEWS with your Shopify store

Read ahead for a how-to guide on automating your video testimonials with Shopify.

These steps should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1: Install SmartMail

  1. Log into your Shopify store.

  2. Go to the SmartrMail app page (or look it up on the Shopify app store) .

  3. Click Add app. If you aren't logged into your Shopify account, then you are prompted to log in.

  4. Click Install app.

Step 2: Create your automated campaign

  1. Go to the Apps section of your Shopify store & click on SmartrMail - Email Marketing.

  2. Click on Automations in the menu bar.

  3. Click New Automation and give it a name (can't think of one - use REEL.REVIEWS request).

Step 3: Choose settings [Part 1]

  1. Select the trigger Whenever someone places an order and click save.

  2. Drag Time Delay onto your automation and decide how many days after purchase you want the Email to be sent (we recommend 7-14 days after they've placed their order).

  3. Drag Email onto your automation and click Compose.

Your workflow should look like this.

Step 4: Writing your Email

  1. Select the Blank template.

  2. Give your Email a name (can't think of one - use REEL.REVIEWS request).

  3. Add the Subject from the collect tab in the REEL.REVIEWS dashboard (make sure to replace *INCENTIVE* with whatever you've chosen).

  4. Add a Text section and then add the Email Copy also from the collect tab (remember to replace *INCENTIVE*).

Step 5: Choose settings [Part 2] (this step's easy - just click Enable 4 times)

  1. Click Enable in the top right corner and then click Enable again

  2. Once again, click Enable in the top right corner and then one more Enable and you're all set!

Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back!