Integrating REEL.REVIEWS with your CRM or Email Manager

Read ahead for a how-to guide on automating your video testimonials. This guide should work for most CRMs and Email Management software out there. However, feel free to get in touch if you still need some help.

These steps should take around 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

REEL.REVIEWS already integrates with Shopify, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Klaviyo & If you're using one of these platforms, you can view their instructions here.

Step 1: Connect your website to your CRM or Email Manager

Each platform will have a different way of connecting to your website.

  • The important part is making sure that your CRM/Email Manager can automatically build a list of customers who have converted on your website.

  • If this isn't possible, consider using one of the platforms we integrate with above.

Step 2: Create your Automation (also referred to as flow or workflow)

An automation is an Email which is sent out automatically after a specific event has happened. For example, when asking for a video testimonial you'll want to automatically send out an Email 7-14 days after your customer has converted.

  1. Trigger your automation to begin after a customer has converted on your website.

  2. Then decide how many days after conversion you want the Email to be sent (like in the example above we recommend 7-14 days after they've converted).

Step 3: Create your Email

Now it's time to create the Email which will be sent out to your customers.

  1. Add the Subject from the collect tab in the REEL.REVIEWS dashboard (make sure to replace *INCENTIVE* with whatever you've chosen).

  2. Add the Email Copy (from the collect tab) - remember to replace *INCENTIVE*.

  3. Fill out any other required details.

Step 5: Start your Automation

  1. Finally, look for that button which says Save, Send, Automate or whatever will make the damn thing work!