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Ainslie Williams - CEO and Co-founder


I care about my customers privacy, what's your policy?

Given our roots in the Market Research world where we work with major Enterprise and Financial Institutions, our data privacy policies are GDPR compliant. We will never use the data collected for anything other than the purpose it's been collected. You can read more here. We also explicitly ask for your customers persmission to use their video publicly, so no hidden T&Cs.

Do I need to pay for the hosting of any video reviews I collect?

Nope - our dashboard and website widget will host all of your videos. We are backed by AWS so your testimonials will always be optimised for quality and speed.

How much does Reel.Reviews cost?

Reel.Reviews is free forever. However there are some features which are only available on our paid plans - view pricing here.

How can I be sure that the videos collected are the most persuasive?

We're glad you asked. Over 5 years of development on our proprietary algorithm accompanied by how we engage your customers in the process allow us to collect the most believable and authentic testimonials. We're no experts on why your customers decided to buy from you, but your customers are. So we use our smart tech to enable them to decide which are the most persuasive. Learn more here.

I have many different products, can I collect reviews on all of them?

This feature is available when you upgrade to our premium plan - view more info here. On our free plan, you can only collect reviews for 1 product at a time

How do other businesses use their video reviews?

1. On their website (via our widget) 2. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn 3. In EDMs and SMSs Check out our use cases for more info.

Can I decide which videos are displayed on the widget?

Of course! It's 100% customisable. You can select which videos you want to make available to the widget and the headline text which accompanies it. Head to the Your Videos section on your dashboard to customise.

Why would I use the widget?

Because it makes it super easy to display the videos on your site and great for your SEO! The widget also makes it super easy to update and showcase your most recent reviews.

What if someone records something nasty or inappropriate

There are 3 ways we protect your brand

  1. Our smarts built into the technolgoy stop people from being able to submit an untoward review.
  2. We also do a human check on all videos collected.
  3. Finally, any videos that you don't like can be deleted in the Your Videos section of your dashboard.

Who owns the rights to the videos? Me or Reel.Reviews?

You do! For more details see Section 10 of our terms.

Can I download the video reviews from my dashboard?

Yep absolutely. Once you've collected your videos, you can download them offline.

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