Getting Started

Test & send your REEL.REVIEWS product in 2 simple steps

Step 1 - Run a LIVE test

  • Using the LIVE link, you can click through and leave a video - just as your customers will do.

  • Your LIVE link will be emailed to you

  • Once logged in you'll see your product on the dashboard.  Click View to see the details

  • A dummy video, along with the video you record will be shown in the Overview tab in your project window

  • Delete this video before you invite your customers to the product.  Delete the video in the Monitor tab

  • For future reference, your product Links can be found in the Link tabs

Step 2 - Invite your customers - Our Best Practices

2 ways to integrate REEL.REVIEWS

1. Integrate with your existing review process

  • Rather then sending customers to other review sites, send them to your REEL.REVIEWS product by embedding the LIVE product link in the email to them.

2. Start a monthly invitation to all new customers

  • Used by clients who do not have a review process in place. 

  • Recent customers will have had a chance to experience your customer service and the product so their brand love will be strong and fresh

The key to the EDM is

  1. Subject line mentions the need to record a video and the incentive

  2. That they’ve been specially selected  or that you're trying something new

  3. A line about how their video will benefit other people rather than the company.  

You can see examples here

The incentive

  • We recommend an individual incentive for every customer who leaves a video for you because it encourages more people to record.

  • An ‘on brand’ incentive to the perceived value of $40 is best.  

  • Other businesses using Reel.Reviews have provided:

    -  a % off previous or next purchase

    -  a free month (if SaaS)

    -  product

    -  or vouchers eg Giftpay, Amazon store

  • If it doesn’t suit your customer base to provide an individual incentive a compelling prize draw can also work eg drawn monthly for $200-$800 value.  It could be a cash draw or major product draw.

  • The product will collect your customers email addresses, which you’ll be able to export to send (or apply) the incentive.

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