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Signing up

I care about my customers privacy, what's your policy?

Given our roots in the Market Research world where we also work with major Enterprise and Financial Institutions, our data privacy policies are GDPR compliant. We will never use the data collected for anything other than the purpose it's been collected. You can read more here. We also explicityly ask for your customers persmission to use their video publicly, so no hidden T&Cs.

I love this! How do I get started?

Easy. Use this form and we'll be in touch with your account within 24hrs

I already pay hosting fees for my site, will this cost me more?

Not if you use our widget, we host for you. We are backed my AWS so your customer stories will always be optimised and refreshed each month, no downtime for maximum conversion :)

How much does REEL.REVIEWS cost?

For as little as $200/month AUD you can get started. You can see our price list here

How can I be sure the videos are the most persuasive?

We're glad you asked. It's our combination of 5 years of development on our algorithms along with how we engage your customers in the process to ascertain which videos are most believable and authentic. We're no experts on why your customers decided to buy from you, but your customers are. So we use our smart tech to enable them to decide which are the most persuasive.

Does my subscription include BrandStory and BrandBites?

It sure does! BrandStory is our original product and BrandBites is our new baby! Your subscription covers both.

I have many different products, can I collect reviews on all of them?

Of course! And to keep things clean and easy to manage, each product line (or range of products) can have their own product on REEL.REVIEWS. So you'll be able to use multiple widgets to display the videos on the pages that make most sense

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't but if you aren't able to collect any customer videos in the first month we'll refund you.

How many users can I have in a company account?

As many as you like!

Getting started

Where do I see the videos coming through?

Once you're logged into your dashboard, click View for the product you're interested in Then go to the Overview tab

Can I decide which videos to show on my site if I use the widget?

Of course! It's 100% customisable. You select which videos you want to make available to the widget then there are a few settings to direct the widget on what to display.... eg how many videos, and if they're the latest or the most persuasive or those seen by the most customers. It's up to you! You can see more in the video below.

What if someone records something nasty or inappropriate

There are three ways we ensure you're brand and customers are protected: 1) we have smarts built into the technolgoy that stops people from being able to submit something untoward. 2) we also do a human check on all videos collected. 3) any videos that are nasty or inappropriate can be deleted via your dashboard. See how to do this in the video below

How do I test and review my product

Just click on through the Test Link. You'll find it within your product on the dashboard. It's a live version of your product only no data is saved, so it's great to share with stakeholders. The Test Link is the one to use no matter if the product is in a live or closed state. The other type of Link you will find is the LIVE link. This is what you'll use in the invitation to your customers. Where do I find the Links? Once logged into your dashboard Then go to the Links tab Or if you prefer a video demonstration then view below:

What's the difference between a Test and LIVE link?

The Test link is your product only no data is saved, so it's great to share with stakeholders who might want to click through it and experience for themselves but not have their video saved. You can use this link no matter if the product is in a live or closed state. The LIVE link is what you'll use in the invitation to your customers. All data will be saved on the link. It's a short link so it's easy not to confuse them. A little video about both links below (and where to find them!)

How do I set-up my product ready for customers?

If you're on the Starting plan then it's two simple steps - Getting Started (Starting Plan) If you're on the Scaling or Leading plan then you can also customise your product - Getting Started (Scaling/Leading Plans)

How do I export the customer data to apply/send the customer incentive?

It's really simple! Head into the product on your dashboard. Go to the Monitor tab Click 'All Data (csv) button and Voila! If you'd like to see how this works then see below

Why would I use the widget?

Because it makes it really easy to display the videos on your site. Each video is backed up by other real customers agreeing (verifying it) via the review mechanism in the product. So while it's just 1 video it works for 100s of real customers. Site visitors can also interact with the videos by liking them. The widget makes it easy to have refreshed content all the time. It can be customised, so you nominate which videos the widget shows. The widget can be set to display the most recent videos which SEO love!

Where can I see all your 'How to' videos?

We have them all right here - Video Resources

How to use the videos

Can I use my videos on social media?

Yes! We're building in functionality to make the sharing simple from our platform, but in the meantime on the Scaling and Leading plans you can download the individual video files and load them directly into your social channels.

Do they work well as Facebook Advertising

Yes! Our clients who use their vidoes in this way report at least a 4x lift on clicks, reach and impressions.

I have no video editing capabilites - can you help?

Yes we can! Just drop us an email at with your request and we'll edit it up for you. (There may be a small fee)

How do businesses use the videos they collect?

1. Via our widget - see them live here 2. Instagram posts 3. As Facebook Advertising 4. EDMs We've developing case studies with our beta clients to share more about these in detail....stay tuned.

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