We believe in the power of real people.
Help us un-fake reviews

reel.reviews empowers people to tell share their genuine brand experiences to help others make better purchasing decisions

Our Story

We have always been advocates for real people

The team behind reel.reviews has worked for years to collect and tell the stories of real people and their experiences with brands (see our sister company Qualie).

These stories have ended up in the corridors of power within multinational corporations and Government agencies, helping to shape products, services and policies.

In 2020 when the world tilted with COVID and people had to rely on reviews more than ever to purchase online, we also noticed Governments were trying to pass bills to regulate the industry. Fake reviews were flooding product pages and popular online marketplaces. So we thought we could help by building a site that allows people to leave authentic reviews.

reel.reviews is on a mission to un-fake reviews and what better way than to show that in video! We're a bot-free, fake-free, influencer-free zone.

We know video

We have been working with video and real people for 7 years so we know that 2 good quality video reviews are as helpful as reading dozens of text reviews.

This site is our latest launch. Chances are you have already seen our video reviews running in social media campaigns on behalf of brands.

Brands on-board

Our Values

Be the real deal

We don't have anything against bots, fakes or influencers.
We just believe that real customers provide the most genuine product reviews.
Why? Real customers are relatable. You can see yourself in them.

Struggling with your newborn's sleep? So are these mums.
Have acne scars or pigmentation? So do these women.
Can't find that high performance tyre for your car? This guy can.


Be real

Although we're apolitical we love the idea of "keeping the bastards honest" both in terms of being anti-fake, anti-influencer and anti-bot. Real reviews also help brands stay honest too


Be you

Besides good lighting and sound, you don't need filters or fancy editing. Because the best face is your real face. It's even better when you can show the real product with you.


Be kind

We believe brands try their best to make good products. Reviews help them celebrate their wins and correct their mistakes. We want to be the platform to enable this.